Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Get Ready for Holiday Tips

Coming up this December, be on the lookout for tips to maximize your holiday marketing dollar!

Emails are a great way to reach your potential customers, so make sure that your messages ring true this holiday season to pump up your ROI. Check back tomorrow for the first tip!

Monday, November 29, 2010

What We Believe

At Vidi Emi, we don’t just send e-mails. We take every step possible to ensure that they land. Our deliverability consistently outperforms industry averages and we continue this trend by keeping our systems and protocols current.

We believe companies are spending too much on e-mail marketing. While even the poorest performing lists can still be profitable, e-mail “deadweight” can overload both budgets and consumers, dragging down performance and contributing to list fatigue. It's time to cut the dead weight!

We bring a wide variety of talents to the plate including
-Web Design

Increasing the flow of well qualified leads to websites can have a major impact on a clients’ ROI. Vidi Emi offers SEO/SEM packages that serve their distinct purposes and are designed work in collaboration with other components of a clients marketing program.

Subjlect Line Rule #6

10 Hot Tips For the Perfect Subject Line: #6

Rule Six: Don’t spam

Subject lines with ALL CAPS or lots of exclamation!!!!!! may deter readers and ultimately end up in the junk folder.

Subject Line Rule #5

Halfway there!

Rule V: Set deadlines

Flavor Flav Always Knows What Time It Is

Does the subject line make the reader feel as if they are missing out by not opening the email? Creating a sense of urgency can vastly improve open rates!

Word to the Wise: How Not to Build a Mailing List

Article published by Word to The Wise Yesterday on how not to build a list.

See the full article here: A Word To the Wise

Subject Line Rule #4

Subject Line theory part 4 of 10

Rule Number Four: Be truthful!

The best subject lines are honest and appropriate, and simply describe the email's content. Abe is counting on you! More top 10 tomorrow!

Subject Line Rule #3

Secret to the Perfect Subject Line: 3 Out of 10

The Third Rule is: Find your voice

Establish a voice that fits the personality of your brand or company, and keep it consistent so that your readers will know what to expect!

Subject Line Rule #2

Part II in the Ten Secrets to the perfect Subject Line

Tip #2: Frontload!

Some email browsers will truncate the subject line midway, giving rise to potentially awkward cliffhangers. Place the hottest keywords and most important information at the beginning of your subject line to avoid the truncation trap!

Subject Line Rule #1

Part one of the 10 secrets to a deadly subject line.

The first Rule Is: Keep it Concise

Remember, the most effective subject lines are no longer than 50 characters, so be clear and direct!

What You're Really Doing At Work

It seemed like a good idea to start the work week with something light. We hope everyone had a great weekend! If you find the link funny feel free to share.

Source: JESS3 - What You're Really Doing At Work

Incentivize your followers!

Mashable suggests offering incentives to keep fans coming back to your fan page. What kind of useful (and realistic!) incentives would you like to see from the Vidi Emi fan page? Don't forget to share with your friends if they would find this useful!

Read the whole article here

Vidi Emi Inaugural Blog Post

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