Monday, November 29, 2010

What We Believe

At Vidi Emi, we don’t just send e-mails. We take every step possible to ensure that they land. Our deliverability consistently outperforms industry averages and we continue this trend by keeping our systems and protocols current.

We believe companies are spending too much on e-mail marketing. While even the poorest performing lists can still be profitable, e-mail “deadweight” can overload both budgets and consumers, dragging down performance and contributing to list fatigue. It's time to cut the dead weight!

We bring a wide variety of talents to the plate including
-Web Design

Increasing the flow of well qualified leads to websites can have a major impact on a clients’ ROI. Vidi Emi offers SEO/SEM packages that serve their distinct purposes and are designed work in collaboration with other components of a clients marketing program.

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